Here is why resistance bands are the best home gym equipment you can own.

Resistance bands are one of the most versatile fitness equipment to own. With the sudden boom of working out at home, resistance bands have gained their own fan following, and for good reason. Let’s look at why it’s a good idea to invest in a good set of resistance bands and how they can help you in your training.


First, what are resistance bands? Resistance bands are nothing but elastic bands that add resistance to any bodyweight exercise or routine. Resistance bands come in different sizes and weights and therefore can cater to all fitness levels, from beginners to fitness experts. Resistance bands provide constant tension on the muscles throughout the entire exercise routine and can lead to better muscle growth as compared to even dumbbells or free weights.

Another reason why resistance bands may actually be better than free weights is that while using resistance bands you cannot use momentum for your exercise. The direction of resistance is downwards when using free weights and therefore they pick up momentum and keep in motion unless stopped by the user. Resistance bands work on strength level and not on weight which in turn deters you to use momentum for your exercise. This means that the muscles that were intended to be used for an exercise routine are the only ones being used.


Resistance bands are also much more easier to control than dumbbells. While using resistance bands you can’t go too fast or too heavy and risk injuring yourself with sudden movement and loss of control. Resistance bands also limit the range of motion during an exercise which ensures that your joints are not being overextended during a workout.

Let’s also not forget that resistance bands are very portable and travel-friendly. You can carry them with you wherever you go ensuring that you can continue your exercise routine just the way you would normally do at your home or in your gym. Because they take less space, they are definitely ideal for home use as well. With weights, you will require a selection of a few weights for different exercises as well as to match with your changing strengths and abilities. Most people don’t have enough space to keep weights of all sizes at home and therefore using resistance bands can be a good option for them. Also, let’s not forget that resistance bands are much more pocket friendly and one set of resistance bands can easily be used by everyone at home depending on their strengths.

Resistance bands are also much safer and easier to use for rehabilitation. Using resistance bands means you can slowly and gradually increase the resistance while stretching them so you are more in control at all times which is ideal for rehabilitation. Resistance bands also work with smaller stabilizing muscles which helps in improving overall muscle strength as well as focusing on ligament and tendon strengths which makes them better suited for people coming back from injury and trying to rebuild strength.

Continuous reps using resistance bands and working your way up to higher resistance levels are sure to give your muscles the burning sensation that you would want after a good workout. Your muscles will develop higher endurance, more strength and you will also burn a good number of calories. Resistance bands are also extremely flexible in terms of their use. You can use it for all forms of exercising – crossfit, yoga, pilates, and more. They can also up your game when it comes to regular cardio exercising. You can use resistance bands to add weight to exercises such as jump squats and lateral lunges. Being able to control and easily manipulate the direction of resistance during your workout, makes resistance bands a very versatile tool to have.

Resistance bands are also one of the safest exercise equipment to use and maintain. Just remember to never release the band under tension. This would result in a backward jerk and can hurt you. Inspect the band before use. Look out for any cuts or cracks to check in case the bands have weakened. Don’t overstretch the bands and always begin exercises slowly and increase resistance gradually.

If you are looking to add resistance band exercises into your workout routine, check out Leviosa’s resistance bands on Amazon. These super-convenient, pocket-friendly, and easy to store bands are incredible for maintaining muscles, increasing strength, promoting better balance and flexibility, and toning your muscles.

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