Blog Audio quality comparison: AirPods vs embedded mic vs USB mic

The easiest way to test your settings pre-stream (without asking a friend to log in and sound-check you) is to record a preview of your stream and play it back before you go live. It limits the audio to a certain value, and cuts off everything above that. If you ever notice clipping or peaking […]

Mic Tester: 2 Best Ways To Test Your Mic Online & Offline

To test your mic, simply click on the Start button and Autocord will show you the spikes on the graph. If you do not see the spikes on the graph, your microphone may be damaged. While replacing the socket on many devices is technically doable, it is not recommended to have prior experience and the […]

HP PCs Microphone troubleshooting Windows

Ratio tells the compressor how much it should turn down once the threshold is reached. Controls labeled attack and release let the compressor know how quickly it should act once the threshold is reached and how quickly it should return to normal. If you’re the Chris Farley type of public speaker, a compressor can help […]